Streets Division

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The Streets division maintains approximately 103 miles of streets within the City of Woodstock. The division's primary responsibilities include routine maintenance and inspection of roadways, right of ways, sidewalks, and general landscaping. This includes roadside mowing, minor road patching, tree trimming and tree removal. Streets responds to emergency situations such as street flooding, downed trees in the public right of way, and traffic signal repairs. The Streets division also keeps an eye on all the street lights in Woodstock, and either repairs or contacts the appropriate utility to have street light maintenance taken care of.

Through the efforts of the Streets division the City of Woodstock strives to provide pleasant and safe conditions along our roads for our residents and the visitors to our city.

Report Needed Maintenance

Please contact us using the information in the Contact Us column to report a routine maintenance issue or an emergency issue that does not concern life safety. These non-life safety type calls typically concern the following types of issues:
  • Potholes
  • Trees fallen in the right of way
  • Street signage down or damaged
  • Right of way maintenance issues
  • Traffic signal maintenance
  • Street light maintenance

Life Safety Issues

If you are aware of a life safety hazardous condition on our city streets or right of ways, please immediately contact Emergency Response 911.