Community Outreach Programs

Community Outreach Programs

To schedule a Station Tour:

Please call Faye Doss @ 770-592-6000 ext. 1843
(If you just want to bring your child by, you do not need to schedule, as long as the trucks are in the house we will happily give you a tour.)
We do scheduling for schools, daycares, adult care, and other groups.

To schedule for a Truck or a Fire Education class to come to you:
Please call Assistant Chief Eley @ 770-592-6000 ext.1841

  • Station Tours
A guided tour with the fireman of all station areas and equipment. Children will see the living quarters, offices and equipment rooms of the fire station.

  • Apparatus Tours:
Children will be shown all the apparatus and equipment on them. They will also be allowed to get onto the fire trucks for a hands-on view of the truck and equipment.

  • Friendly Fireman Class
Children will be shown the firefighters gear worn on actual fires. A fireman will show each piece of gear worn by placing it on step by step to familiarize them with what we will look like in an actual fire. This is very important so they will not be scared of firefighters.