Department Forms and Applications

Public Hearing Application

Public Hearing Applications are required for all Annexation, Rezoning, Variance, Conditional Use Permit, and Condition Amendment requests. The Planning Department will accept only 4 new applications per application deadline each month. Applications that are not fully complete or are submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. All applications require a pre-application meeting with staff at least one week prior to submission deadline. All public hearings require a public input meeting, scheduled and held by the applicant. Please contact planning with any questions and to set up a pre-application meeting.  Public Hearing Fee Schedule


No Fee  
Rezoning 0-19 acres.. $750
20-99 acres.. $850
100+ acres.. $1000 + $10/acre over 99 acres
With Concurrent Variances.. add $100 per Variance 
$300 + $100 each additional Variance
Conditional Use Permit $300
Condition Amendment
$300 + $50 each additional amendment

Full Community Development Fee Schedule
Credit Card Authorization Form

Administrative Variance Application

An Administrative Variance can be applied for when requesting: reduction of parking spaces or required pervious parking up to twenty (20) percent of the required number of spaces;  reduction of Buffer and Setbacks up to twenty (20) percent from the required buffer and setbacks; Tree and Landscaping up to twenty (20) percent of any tree or landscaping requirements; to relocate fences that are required either by code or as a condition of zoning in order to maximize the effectiveness of said fence in terms of privacy, safety and/or aesthetics; a sign no more than 25% larger than maximum permitted. 

Sign Waiver Application

A Sign Waiver can be applied for when requesting relief from sign standards outlined in the Land Development Code, Chapter VI.