Business License


 All new commercial occupation licenses will be subject to a Safety Inspection as part of the application process for your new license.  A Development Services Representative will contact you to make an appointment for this inspection after the application has been reviewed by all applicable departments.  
All standard occupation license fees for license years after 2014 will be based on the gross receipt amount for the business instead of the number of employees. Access some helpful resources that may assist you with this change.


Aims to assist business owners with Woodstock’s licensing process and continuously updates them on new laws to ensure Woodstock’s businesses meet all zoning, code enforcement, building and state requirements.

Business License Overview

All businesses, whether commercial or home-based, who will be located within the city limits of Woodstock must register for a business license with our office.

The State of Georgia requires all applicants for a business license to complete two affidavits, have them notarized* and submit them to our office with the initial application submittal.  

*The office of Development Services will notarize these documents at no charge, when submitting in person & with appropriate identification.

The first is an affidavit of lawful presence per O.C.G.A. § 50-36-1, also called the SAVE Affidavit. This affidavit must be accompanied by a secure and verifiable document (identification).  This affidavit is required with the initial application and every year thereafter with the license renewal packet.  

The second affidavit requirement concerns E-Verify. To fill this requirement, a representative of the business must provide a notarized signature on the Private Employer Affidavit per O.C.G.A . § 36-60-6(d).  Businesses with 10 or more employees are required by the State of Georgia to register with E-Verify. The Affidavit asks for the business's E-Verify account number. All businesses in the city limits of Woodstock are required to comply with this law.  If you are an established business with less than 9 employees and this changes to 10 or more, it is the responsibility of the business owner to contact our office and complete an updated form.  

For more information, please review Georgia House Bill 87 passed by the Georgia Assembly in the 2011 session or the Georgia Municipal Association's website .