Council Policy Manual


  The Woodstock Mayor and Council have adopted a set of policies to guide the various functions of the City and to establish procedures by which functions are performed.

000 Administration & Government

000-0000 Code of Conduct

000-0001 Creation of the Council Policy Manual

000-0002 Civility Code

000-0003 Public Hearings and Participation

000-0004 Agendas and Minutes for Council, Boards and Committees

000-0005 Towne Hall Meetings

000.0006 Reserved

000-0007 Council Approval - What Must Be Approved by Council

000-0008 Chain of Command

000-0009 Newly Elected Officials Policy and Training Guidelines

000-0010 Special Called Meetings of the Mayor and Council

000-0011 Staff Recommendation of Service Providers to Third Parties

000-0012 DDA Appointment Policy

000-0013 Proclamation Requests and Proclamation Request Form

100 Engineering, Building & Construction

100-0001 Model Home Construction Prior to Final Platting

200 Finance & Accounting

200-0001 Reserved

200-0002 Authorization to Manage Accounts

200-0003 Police and Municipal Court Account Signatures

200-0004 Bank Depositories and Account Signatures (All City Funds)

200-0005 Fund Balance Policy

200-0006 Purchasing Policy

200-0007 Credit Card Policy

200-0008 Budget Amendment Policy

200-0008 A Post-Issuance Tax Compliance Policy and Procedures
200-0009 Fixed Asset Policy 

200-0010 Debt Management Policy

200-0011 Investments Policy

200-0012 Fiscal Management Policy

200-0013 Grant Policy   Grant Policy Application  Grant Policy Process


300 General

300-0001 Recognition of Outgoing Committee Members and Elected Officials

300-0002 Community Investment Funding Program

300-0003 Open Records Policy

300-0004 E-Mail Records Retention for Exchange Server

300-0005 Records Management Policy

300-0006 Sustainable Woodstock Policy

400 Streets, Maintenance & Operations

400-0001 Traffic Calming Policy

400-0002 Local Administered Project Program
         GDOT Non Discrimination Letter for LAP Certification
          GDOT Title IV Assurance and Self Survey 

500 Human Resources & Personnel

500-0001 Travel While On City Business
500-0002 Safety Policy

500-0003 Volunteer Policy

500-0004 Personnel Actions and Performance Evaluations

500-0005 Inclement Weather

500-0006 Safety and Accident Review Committee

500-0007 Reserved

500-0008 (Temporary) FMLA Leave Expansion and Emergency Paid Sick Leave Policy (Coronavirus)

600 Public Health & Safety

600-0001 Critical Incident Response Plan

600-0002 American with Disabilities Act Policy

600-0003 Road Closing Policy-Closing of Major Thoroughfares for Community Enrichment Events

700 Planning, Zoning & Economic Development

700-0001 Annexation Policy

700-0002 Multi-Family Residential Goals (Planning Policy)

700-0003 Protocol Regarding Planning & Zoning Petitions for Annexations, Zonings and Variances

700-0004 Encouraged Attendance of Planning & Zoning Training Seminars and Workshops

700-0005 Complete Streets Policy

700-0006 Development Process Committee

700-0007 Surety Procedures for Public Improvements
700-0008 Public Input Plan Policy
(700-0008 Single Lot Policy was repealed on 8/27/2018 and replaced with Public Input Plan Policy)

700-0009 Downtown Design Standards Policy
A Streets Final-Compressed
B-G and Alley Sections Exhibit C
Downtown Streets Map
Placeholder for Streetlight Map
Downtown Streetlight Pole & Fixture
Park Light Pole & Fixture
Double Mount Fixture & 20' Pole
Brick Pavers
Trash Can
Street and Alley Sign Placeholders

700-0010 City Arborist Policy

800 Utilities: Water, Sewage & Stormwater

800-0001 (Irrigation Meter Policy Repealed on 7/23/2018)
800-0002 Reconnect Policy - Utility Billing

800-0003 Landlord Policy - Utility Billing

800-0004 Multi-Family Water Service Sub Metering Requirement

800-0005 Car Wash Water Recycling Requirement

800-0006 Water And Sewer Fund Balance

900 Parks & Recreation

900-0001 Parks and Recreation Policies and Procedures Manual 

900-0002 Parks and Recreation Risk Management Plan

900-0003 Parks and Recreation Mission and Vision Statement

900-0004 Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan

900-0005 Marketing Plan

900-0006 Parks and Recreation Community Relations Plan

900-0007 Parks and Recreation Program Plan

900-0008 Parks and Recreation Maintenance Plan

900-0009 Parks and Recreation Natural Resources Plan

900-0010 Parks and Recreation Coordinated Emergency Response Plan

900-0011 Amphitheater Rentals

900-0012 Volunteer Policy

900-0013 General Security Plan 

1000 Municipal Court

10-0001 Indigent Defense Policy
    Application for Indigent Defense Counsel