Our Programs


Our Community Programs

Shop With a Hero

Designed to aid families of Woodstock by providing gifts to children in need during the holiday season through partnership with the Woodstock Police and Fire Departments.

Community Oriented Partnerships

Designed to improve and assist in making the communities of Woodstock a safer place to live and work through partnerships between the citizens and the Woodstock Police and Fire Departments. This program includes education materials and other items that may provide assistance to the citizens of Woodstock to improve their quality of life.

Emergency Aid Program

Designed to provide aid to public safety (Police, Fire, and EMS) officers of the City of Woodstock or from other jurisdictions within Cherokee County who have been injured in the line of duty. This program can provide monetary funds or other assistance based on the needs of the injured public safety officer and family members.

Equipment & Training

Designed to support the purchase of special equipment and training for the Woodstock Police and Fire Departments that cannot be obtained through public funds.

Law Enforcement Explorer Post

The program provides career orientation experiences, leadership opportunities, and community service activities. The primary goals of the program are to help young adults understand a career path within law enforcement and to challenge them to become responsible citizens of their communities.

Non-Profit Outreach Program

Designed to support public safety non-profit organizations. This program can provide monetary funds to assist other non-profit outreach programs that benefit the city as well.