Mayor and Council

Municipal Policies, Plan and Structure

State of the City.png
The City of Woodstock's government structure consists of a Mayor and six Council Members. Each Council Member represents an equal portion of residents in the City but is elected at-large not by ward. Each Council Member has a personal email through the City so they can be contacted with any questions regarding city issues.



The Mayor and Council along with Key Staff hold an Annual Planning Retreat to review and discuss the following:

  • The elected body's vision for the City's future
  • Prior year accomplishments
  • Where we stand today
  • Needs assessment for the upcoming fiscal year
  • Needs assessment for the future
  • Quality of life issues
  • Personnel needs
It is after much discussion, strategizing and intense planning that the Mayor and Council are able to set short-term and long-term goals and objectives to ensure that both they and staff stay on task in implementing the vision they have set forth.