Home Fire & Safety Check List

Home Fire Safety Inspection Checklist


- Never leave cooking unattended
- Cuff sleeves and turn pot handles inward when cooking to avoid burn injuries
- Never store combustibles in oven or on top of stove
- When barbecuing, move unit away from the house
- Dispose of coals/ashes in metal containers

Smoking Materials and Candles

- Never leave cigarettes or candles unattended
- Purchase and use ashtrays that have the center support feature
- Empty ashtrays into noncombustible containers only
- Never smoke in bed
- Place candles in noncombustible sturdy holders
- Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children

Smoke Alarms

- Install smoke alarms inside and outside every sleeping area and on every
level of your home
- Test smoke alarms once a month
(Hint: use a broom handle to reach and push test button)
- Replace smoke alarm batteries once a year (Use Daylight Savings as
a reminder)
- Replace smoke alarm units every 10 years

Fire Extinguishers

- Purchase a multipurpose (ABC) extinguisher
- Teach your family how to use a fire extinguisher
(Use a PASS; Pull the pin, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep)
- Inspect extinguisher annually

Develop and Practice a Home Escape Plan

- Develop a home escape plan that includes
~ Crawling low under smoke, go out and stay out
~ Two exits out of every room
~ Have a meeting place outside (tree, mailbox, etc.)
- Practice escape plan with every member
- Teach all family members how to Dial 911 in an emergency and to state your
name, location and type of emergency


- Make house number visible from street
- Trim trees away from electrical wires
- Trim trees away from chimney and remove all pine needles and leaves
from roofs, eaves and rain gutters

Heating Equipment and Fireplace

- Keep space heaters at least 3 feet away from all combustibles
- Replace furnace filters once a year or recommended by manufacturer
- Clean lint from behind clothes dryer
- Install a spark screen in front of the fireplace
- Have chimney inspected and cleaned annually
- Install a spark arrester on chimney
- Dispose of ashes in metal containers
- Keep newspapers, other combustibles and clutter away from water heater


- Avoid overloading electrical circuits
- Inspect electrical cords and appliances for damage
- Do not tack cords to the wall or run them under rugs
- Maintain plenty of air space around electrical equipment such as TV, VCR,
stereo, etc..
- Install additional outlets, by a qualified electrician, to avoid using
extension cords
- If you must use extension cords, use only the kind that have a built in circuit

Flammable Liquids and Hazardous Materials

- Limit the amount of chemicals stored
- Dispose of and recycle household hazardous materials properly
- Store hazardous materials in proper containers with tight fitting lids and correct
identification labels
- Store hazardous materials away from heat sources
- Put oily rags in metal containers with tight fitting lids, not in a pile where
they can spontaneously ignite