Transaction Safe Place

A Better, Safer Way to Conduct Your Online, In Person Transactions

In a proactive effort to safeguard our citizens, the Woodstock Police Department is welcoming the public to our department to close their online transactions in a safer way. The public can take advantage of our department’s lobby or exterior to meet and to handle their transactions. In addition, Woodstock police officers will be available at any time needed to stand by to increase both the buyer’s and seller’s sense of security.

Along with our commitment to the personal safety of both the buyers and sellers, the Woodstock Police Department is also committed to ensuring the transactions are free of stolen merchandise. With this, the Woodstock Police Department will be available to check any item’s serial number against both the State of Georgia and national databases to ensure every item is clear and not reported as stolen.

Contact Us and Setup Your Meeting Time

Schedule an Appointment

Please contact our front office between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday - Friday, to schedule a time to meet at the department and have an officer standby: 770-592-6030 (option 7)

After Hours

Our officers will also be available after hours for those who were unable to schedule a time with our front office. For after hours assistance and to have an officer dispatched to the department, please contact the Cherokee Emergency Dispatch Center: 678-493-4080

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